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What's New in the Studio?

From time to time, I will bring you up to date with my current projects and provide insight into my process. I always have 2-3 paintings going on at any given time; some for commission, some as demos for teaching, and some for the purposes of experimentation and my own expression.

May 23, 2022

Before breaking for a mini-vacation, I worked on my portrait of the young Kathak dancer. I was pleased with the likeness, so I can move on to refine other areas of the portrait now. More important, my subject is happy with the likeness— she left my studio last week with a big smile on her face, saying, "That is sooooo cool!” This photo-detail of the face was taken with my phone, so there is some external light reflecting off the texture of the canvas.

I have become obsessed with surface quality, so next time, I plan to paint on Di-bond, which is an industrial material made by 3M. This substrate is gaining popularity among realist artists but it has to be gessoed and sanded to accept the pigment. On a small scale, I experimented with Ampersand's Gessobord for a workshop on painting Renaissance Women in oil. Like Di-bond, it has the quality of panel painting. Painting on it without prep however, I learned that the surface is too slick and the oil paint streaked in the early layers. Here is progress on the 8" x 10" portrait-demo for this workshop. It took three layers to get the paint not to streak. The session ends tomorrow and there's still so much work to be done on it!

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