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Tethered i a charcoal pencil and pan pastel drawing of a woman entwined with a tree.

DENISE LAURIN ARTIST STATEMENT  The universal idea of moving from darkness into light expressed through the human form recurs as a theme in my work. I explore the transcendence of the physical into the non-material, as well as aging, death and renewal. There is a duality and paradox between the physical and the spiritual that dancers especially embody, explaining the fascination I have had with dance my entire life. Personal internal transformation has occurred many times throughout my life. Through my art, I intend to resonate with others and inspire release from dark emotions.


I am a traditional realist in my approach to drawing and painting. However, I like exploring flat patterning, collage techniques, paper, and gold leaf. I work from life and reference photos. Sometimes I work out my ideas using digital tools like Photoshop, a throwback from my former life as a graphic designer. My media include graphite, charcoal, pastel, oil, gold leaf, and collage.

An insatiable curiosity and desire for deep understanding fuel my work as an artist. As part of my process, I have studied dance throughout my life for an accurate understanding of how the body moves, and also to understand how to transcend the physical body. Equally important to my work has been my deep exploration of art history on the post-graduate level and ultimately as a professor of the subject for nearly 20 years. 

My influences include such far-flung cultures as ancient Egypt and Japan, the Italian Renaissance, fin de siècle Paris and the Vienna Secession.

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