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Denise Laurin is shown speaking on an art history topic in a live prsentation at a venue.

Denise offers engaging and approachable presentations on art, offered in-person or over Zoom. Her specialization is in ancient art, Renaissance and Japanese art, however her expertise and insatiable curiosity encompass many more types of art as evidenced in the list below. 

Denise has over twenty years experience as a teaching artist and college professor. She holds an M.A. in Art History, a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History, and is recognized as an Advanced Communicator by Toastmasters International.


She provides three different types of presentations:

1) Topics in Art History

2) Art Demos

3) Creativity/Inspirational Talks 


Art History Presentations 

  • African American Art: From Oppression to Free Expression

  • Against All Odds: Women Who Triumphed in the Male-dominated World of Art

  • Ancient Origins of Christian Art

  • Artists of the Harlem Renaissance

  • Counterculture: The Beatles and the Art of the 1960s

  • Dark Art: Haunting Images Across Time

  • East Meets West: Cultural Influences Across Hemispheres

  • History of Fashion in Art

  • Happy Birthday, Leonardo daVinci!

  • Imaginary Journey: Monet's Garden

  • Imaginary Journey: The White City

  • Nineteenth Century Isms

  • Picturing the Divine: Religious Symbolism Across Faiths

  • Secrets of the Sistine

  • Sweet Home Chicago: Our Architectural Gem 

  • The Global Present: A Look at Contemporary Art

  • The Last Supper

  • The Amarna Period: A Revolution in Egyptian Art

  • The Many Ways to Look at Art

  • Twentieth Century Isms

  • Visions of Love 

  • What IS a Masterpiece?

Art Demos

  • Drawing in Graphite

  • Drawing in Charcoal Pencil

  • Painting the Portrait in Oil

  • Using Gold Leaf

  • Acrylic Collage Techniques

  • Traditional Japanese Scroll-making

  • Watercolor Butterfly

  • Watercolor Dragonfly

  • Botanical Drawing in Colored Pencil


Creativity and Inspirational Talks

  • Making Creativity a Priority in Everyday Life

  • Expanding Personal Creativity through Mind-mapping

  • Living Creatively GPS: Creative goal setting for the New Year


Contact for for more information and customized art presentations.

Demos: An art project reflecting the content of the art history presentation
can be added for an additional fee. Presentations with creative projects are
limited to no more than 20 participants. Materials are additional.



Wednesday July 24, 2024

10:00-11:00 AM

The Little Traveler, Geneva

Optional Breakfast at 9:00 AM

The History of Fashion in Art

What did people wear before photography documented every aspect of life? We can find answers to this question in the art left behind by these cultures and eras. Often, modern fashion designers are influenced by art, and art and fashion play off each other. In this sight and sound presentation, Denise Laurin, M.A. Art History reveals how art informs us about fashion from earlier times and how fashion and art intertwine in our modern world. We will look at examples of clothing styles, accessories, jewelry, and even hairstyles in this hour-long walk down the runway of time through fashion.


Arlington Heights Senior Center


Batavia Library


Benedictine University



Geneva Public Library


Hanover Township Senior Center


North Central College and Columbia College/Self-Employment in the Arts

Poplar Creek Library of Streamwood


The Little Traveler, Geneva


The Moorings of Arlington Heights


The Wheaton Public Library


Click on the PDF below for complete descriptions on the topics described at left.

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