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Art in the Big Apple

Sometimes it just takes getting away from the normal routine of daily life to refocus creatively. My husband Marc and I are on an extended visit to New York City and I uploaded some reference photos to Google drive which I took some time ago of a professional dancer. While I have used some of the references in earlier work, I have not explored them to their full potential. I have that opportunity here without the usual distractions of home. I brought a small sketchbook and this is today’s drawing of the dancer wearing stage make-up. I like the possibilities of this image as a subject for an oil painting with gold or silver leaf in the background. There was a time when I thought painting a portrait with someone in heavy make-up wasn’t a good idea, but I am thinking differently about this now. It could be very interesting! We are off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art this afternoon for more visual inspiration. I hope you will come along with me on this art adventure and find your own inspiration vicariously. I will share more soon!

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