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Art and Spirituality

The noted 19th-20th century Russian art and dance critic, Volynsky, believed art was important for its connection to the spiritual and its ability to transport us to the mystical and metaphysical realm of human experience. Underlying Volynsky's work is the belief that aesthetics is a means to achieve harmony, wholeness and moral perfection.

The universal idea of moving from darkness into light expressed through the human form – especially the dancer—has inspired my work throughout my artistic career. I explore the transcendence of the physical into the non-material, and the ethereal quality of dance is the perfect subject for my expression.

Volynsky said, “Every step in ballet ... carries with it a specific idea from the world of the soul and the imagination.” The painting above, done in stark black and white oil, is a perfect example of the movement from darkness into light that I strive to achieve in my work. Taken from Act II in the ballet Giselle, I want this image to be a symbol of transcending the physical, thus, the the title, Resurrection. prints of this painting are available at

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