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Welcome Spring!

This little 12" x 12" watercolor and marker painting was a commission I completed just a short time ago. Because of the beautiful landscape in the background, I thought it would make the perfect image to celebrate the first day of spring. Many people shy away from, or wouldn't even consider commissioning an artist, however my patron for this commission took the leap. She wanted to surprise her husband for their fifth anniversary with a painting of their children and the bucolic view of their backyard.

She had never worked with an artist before and had no idea of the cost involved. But she was brave! For all clients, I provide a range of prices depending on size and medium of the final piece. If a client has the desire for an original work of art, and an appreciation of artists, I'm all in, and I want to make it work on the budgetary side. I try to take the uncertainty away by involving the patron in a three-step process: 1) the concept sketch, 2) the color sketch and 3) the final art. This way, there are no surprises.

Portraits of loved ones, pets, even special objects, not only make heartfelt gifts, but they also become treasured heirlooms in your family for generations to come. A range of mediums are available. Patrons receive a detailed proposal in writing and are involved throughout. Commissions require 3-9 months depending on size, medium and complexity. Contact: with questions or to get your commissions started.

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