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Announcing: The Preciousness of Impermanence

Geisha I, Denise Laurin 2024. Oil, Silver Leaf, Gold Leaf on Gesso Board

Works by Denise Laurin

May-June 2024

Poplar Creek Library

1405 S. Park Avenue

Streamwood, IL 60107. Gallery open during library hours. Call: (630) 837-6800


“Mono no aware” is a Japanese concept that relates to the awareness of the impermanence of life, the quiet sadness around it, and the preciousness of our relationships and experiences which are ephemeral. Youth fades, beauty fades, homes are lost or left behind, objects become worn, but there is also a beauty in this, another Japanese concept known as “wabi-sabi.”


In this exhibit by realist artist Denise Laurin, each work of art bears a relationship to the theme. Her recent portraits have been of family members who are dear to her. Lately she has contemplated the preciousness of moments with her 96-year old mother and the passage of time, as the sensitively rendered portrait in the exhibit demonstrates.


Another recurring theme in her art is the Roman city of Pompeii which was full of bustling life one moment and completely annhilated the next.


Recently, Denise has begun to incorporate precious metals such as gold and silver leaf in her work, as evidenced by her cherry blossom (Sakura) series. In Japan, cherry blossoms are revered symbols of how things are impermanent in life, yet more beautiful because they don’t last.



Artist Talk, June 19th, 6:00 PM, Meeting Room 2, Poplar Creek Library, Streamwood.

In this discussion lasting approximately one hour, artist Denise Laurin will present a brief slideshow and elaborate on her approach to art, her process, and how Japan became an inspiration for her. She will share the meaning of the Japanese concepts of mono no aware and wabi-sabi and lead a discussion on impermanence, beauty, aging, artistic process and more.

To inquire about the original works in the show or to purchase, please contact Denise Laurin at

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